Tap through to the Check-in screen and tap which activity you'd like to record for Charts and Logs. As an example, if you would like to mark a medication as taken, tap Medication. 

You should see medication or supplements from your Care Plan automatically listed here, if they aren't go to your Care Plan and add them so they show up automatically going forward. 

If this is a one-time (PRN) medication, you may add it directly from this screen. Once added, enter the details in the card for the medication. You will notice that the toggle in the title bar for the card will switch to the right hand side, this means this medication is not set to active and will be recorded as part of your check-in.

Pro Tip: Going forward you may begin to edit details in the card directly and if CareClinic detects a change, it will automatically mark that card as active. So there is no need to manually turn the toggle on and then edit information inside. If no information needs to be edited inside the card and you just need to mark it as active, slide the toggle to the right.