Creating a post is the main aspect of creating a care plan, what get's measured gets improved. If you have created a plan, it is now time to track your progress towards following this plan for optimal health.

When you create a post, you can record your thoughts in the journal, your adherence to medication or supplements, your symptoms, your daily vitals in measurements, nutrition items and physical activity.

As you check in more and more, your reports will start coming to live and provide you a more comprehensive view of your life and you will be able to find patterns, triggers and correlations in everything to better learn how your body works. This will make managing your health much easier, we provide graphs and reports you can analyze with your caregiver to see how you are progressing.

We use Machine learning and advanced computer algorithms to crunch the numbers and anonymously compare you to similar patients to see if there are any correlations or insights we can provide so you can reach your goals faster.